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Started in 2018, Wigglepods Pte Ltd is managed and nurtured by a group of fun-loving individuals passionate about both music, movement and education. Our vision is to be a premier creative arts education company, bringing joy through the arts to children and adults. We strive to share positive experiences that inspire, empower and connect people.


We believe in the power of arts education and will continue to hone our craft. We will be working towards expanding our knowledge in early childhood pedagogies and music movement education (Carl Orff, Zoltán Kodály, Émile Jacques-Dalcroze and Rudolf von Laban) and to keep abreast with the latest research. We look forward to nurturing dedicated educators who aspire to be the best in the field.


Being a young company, we have had the good fortune of meeting supportive partners and parents and forging good relationships with them. We are heartened that in a short span of 8 months, we are working with about 40 schools and are reaching out to approximately 1,380 children (both in preschools and primary schools) and 180 teachers. Our continuing professional development workshops for both early childhood and primary school teachers are also very well received. Thank you for believing in us.


We are working towards getting children, parents, families, teachers, policyholders to SING together, to PLAY with instruments and props, and to believe in their CREATIVITY.


This is just a beginning and we are filled with so much excitement with what we can learn and offer to Singapore and beyond. Thank you for believing in us.

Why Choose Us

Benefits of Our Programmes

01. Physical

Children are natural movers! It is through movement that they learn more about themselves and the environment. Exploring the space and objects around them allows them to exercise their gross and fine motor skills. Movement stimulates the children’s vestibular system, fostering spatial awareness and eye-hand coordination which are so important as they grow!

02. Cognitive

Research shows that creative movement is directly linked to cognitive growth in children. Music and movement offer a multi-sensory experience for children, stimulating neural pathways associated with higher-order thinking such as abstract thinking and logical reasoning.

03. Emotional

Children love music! The happy feelings evoked when they sing, dance, play or listen to music create a sense of mental well-being and confidence in them. Music and movement activities aim to help children find successes, thereby cultivating resilience in them. When children feel happy and confident about themselves, their learning is optimized.

04. Social

Singing, listening to and creating music together in an enjoyable environment help children to learn how to work and problem-solve together. They learn values such as showing respect and perspective-taking through musical games and dances.

05. Creativity

Music naturally engages the curious mind and imagination. Our programme focuses on getting children to discover new and different ways to approach a single issue or problem through musical play, while developing creative and aesthetic expression at the same time.

06. Musicality

Learning music through movement and play is one of the best ways for children to internalise fundamental music concepts, for children are kinaesthetic learners. By moving, singing and playing with props and instruments, the children experience elements of music and movement that nurture their musicality from a tender age.

07. Executive Functioning

The combination of music and movement stimulates the neural development of the young brain, enhancing executive functioning skills such as working memory and cognitive flexibility that are so important for children’s learning and daily routine as they mature. Research shows that music and movement activities allow children to learn how to exert more control over their bodily actions, which in turn manifests as securer regulation of their emotions, and ultimately, better discipline and academic performance in school.









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