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Teacher Shalene is a jovial & outgoing educator whom enjoys interacting with children under her charge. Our children look forward to the weekly sessions with her, and they are always full of smiles & laughter after class! She uses a variety of musical instruments to engage and ignite children’s inquisitive nature and active participation- just a like real-life Pipe Piper! 😊 Cheers to Wigglepods and team for the awesome job done!

Jasmine Chong, Principal
My First Skool, Whampoa 2

We have been working closely with Lavina and team over the last four years, and we would like to commend on their consistent delivery of quality in their enrichment program and workshops for teachers. Our children look forward to attending classes by Teacher Yuan Teng. Parents also feedback that they often hear their children singing the songs they have picked up from class and they love the music CDs provided as children were able to listen and sing along to the songs back at home.

Wigglepods has a team of enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated teachers led by Lavina. During the creative music and movement workshop where Lavina, Shalene and Yuan Teng shared useful tips in conducting music and movement activities with the little ones. Our teachers had a wonderful time singing, moving and playing along to the various musical instruments along with the facilitators. It was an inspiring session and a great team bonding session!

Tong WeiMei, Deputy Centre Lead
My First Skool, Sengkang West 2

Thank you for the fantastic Field Trips organised by Wigglepods! The children, as well as the teachers, enjoyed the programmes that were organised. Both the programmes were meaningful, interesting and engaging. All of us took back meaningful learnings and experiences. It was also an eye-opener to see the many musical instruments available and the categories each instrument belonged to! We will like to especially thank the teachers for their enthusiasm and patience. We look forward to having further collaboration with Wigglepods in the near future.

Chong Ling Xuan, Senior Teacher
PCF Sparkletots Preschool Cheng San-Seletar

We have worked with Wigglepods for a few years now and we noticed how the children thoroughly enjoy themselves in each session. What we particularly like about the programme is that the songs that are introduced to the children are original songs and contextualized to the local context while at the same time introducing to children the elements of music. The educators are also warm and friendly and often have different ways to work with different children so that they feel comfortable enough to participate in the activities.

Melissa Loh, Principal
My First Skool, EastPoint Mall

The music and movement training conducted by Lavina was very inspiring! It was a good balance of hands-on activities and theoretical knowledge that helped us to conceptualise ideas and techniques introduced. Lavina used fun and engaging activities that captivated our interests as well as ingenious techniques to spark creativity. The music and movement exercises were creative, practical and transferable to classroom use with the Early Years.

Overall, we left the training feeling very empowered and eager to try out the new knowledge and skills we acquired! It was an enriching and educational experience for us.

Pamela, Curriculum Specialist
Star Learners

The music and movement professional development that was held last 6th of September provides us with knowledge and techniques in teaching.

The speakers were all highly knowledgeable and passionate on the topic and the skills that were taught to us and can really be done in the classroom. It will also be useful when it comes to teaching children. Though for me, I still need time to develop my own techniques in teaching music and movement to my children at least I’ve already had an idea on what and how to execute the lesson.

I know that music and movement is a subject that is really fun to teach but I didn’t know that it will be that meaningful and exciting until I get to be at the said PD. If we, teachers enjoyed, what more of the children. I think that they will also have so much fun while learning.

Mark, N2 Teacher
PCF Sparkletots Kebun Baru Blk 172

The activities conducted were engaging and interesting with a variety of music genre and instruments used. The workshop has allowed me as a preschool teacher to grasp better understanding on how to interact with children during music and movement activities in a more fun way. Also, the importance of providing opportunities for children creativity especially when working with older preschool children. Overall, I had an enriching and enjoyable time.

Tan Wen Whui, Kindergarten Teacher
PCF Sparkletots Ang Mo Kio Blk 260B

Our children enjoy Wiggletunes very much and look forward to the lessons every week. They can be heard singing the songs they had learnt. Teacher Grace is great at engaging the children, even the younger toddlers too! She is also highly observant and able to provide thorough evaluation for each child. Our partnership with Wigglepods has been a great 8 years and more to come!

Elaine Kng, Branch Director
Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play Pte Ltd

Lavina’s class is fun, engaging and interesting. It helps us to learn variety of ways to conduct music and movement activities. She helps us to better understand how to improvise and do music and movement activities in a fun interactive way with the children. She teaches us to be creative and ignite curiousity (different types of percussion instruments, body percussion and different types of materials) and excitement with the children when doing music and movement activities.

Siti Nadrah, K2 Teacher
PCF Boon Lay Blk 627

Teacher Abigail is really very skilled and professional in delivering the lessons to the young children. They children really enjoyed the session with her! Good work!

Paye Chia, Senior Teacher
My First Skool, Yung An