Frequently Asked Questions

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What We Do – Programmes

Do you only conduct children’s programmes?

We conduct a variety of children’s programme – from preschools to Primary School. We also conduct trainings for teachers as well as cooperate events.

Do you conduct studio programmes?

Akan datang; we have something interesting lined up. Do email us for more information.

What kinds of instruments do you use in your programmes?

We work with a variety of percussion instruments (melodic and non-melodic), such as the egg shakers, rhythm sticks and glockenspiel. We use instruments to enhance the creativity and musicality in children. However, we do not provide formal music education (i.e, piano and violin certifications).

How will my child’s progress be recorded and shared with me?

For Wiggletunes (school-based enrichment programme), your child will receive at least one photo documentation of their activities annually. For more information, please check with your child’s school.

What We Do – Fieldtrips

How long is a proposed fieldtrip?

A typical fieldtrip to our workspace ranges from 1-1.5 hour.

Is there a minimum number of participants to conduct a fieldtrip?

The minimum number of participants is 20, with the maximum being 40.

What We Do – Workshop

What types of workshops do you offer?

We offer several types of trainings for teachers. They are customisable to your needs. We also invite guest speakers from overseas to conduct workshops for teachers.

Do you conduct workshops in other languages?

Yes, at the moment, we conduct English and Mandarin workshops for teachers in music and movement.

Do you offer certificates in completion?

Yes. All participants will receive an e-certificate after completion of a workshop.

How much do the workshops cost?

It varies from workshop to workshop. Please email us for more information.