Wiggletunes Online

Date: May 26-28, 2020
Venue: Zoom (Online)

Converting our music and movement program online has been one of the biggest challenge we have faced during this trying time. Despite that, we took up the challenge and was so eager to find out if we can keep the children as engaged.

In the past 3 days, we offered Wiggletunes to the public and gathered a group of creative and engaged children, where they sang, played, moved and created with us at the comfort of their homes. From using a piece of handkerchief as a scarf to pretending a box to be a drum, the children were exposed to many different songs that promoted the elements of music and movement such as pitch and levels.

Despite being separated by the screens, we were so touched by the amount of energy the children carried with them and the excitement they always bring when we meet. The 3 days program seemed too short because we’ve had so much fun together!

Thank you for the wonderful experience and memories. It was such a sweet journey conducting the online sessions. We can’t wait for the day where we can see everybody in real life when the virus subsides!



Thank you Teacher Lavina, Sharlene, Taiyang and Yuan Teng for the fun and engaging online music lessons! My daughter had so much fun. Hope to have more online music lessons from Wigglepods in future. 👍🏻😊

Samantha Loo
Mummy of Athena

Claire enjoyed herself very much during the online lessons, so much that she has been asking for more! Can’t wait for the school lessons to resume!

Tan Yi Hua
Mummy of Claire