ECDA Conference 2019 – Beyond the Classroom: Taking Learning Outdoors

Date: September 13-14, 2019
Venue: Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre

The annual ECDA Conference is probably the most exhausting yet fulfilling event for each of us at Wigglepods. In 2019, we have brought Wiggletunes into many new schools, conducted several Teachers’ Trainings and Workshops, as well as sold and shared a variety of instruments to and with the public.

This year, we were so excited to do something new at the central stage. With the objective of sharing ideas that can be done both at home and in the classroom to enhance children’s learning experience, we explored with body percussion and action, engaged the participants in locomotive activities and even used props like the stretchy band, elastablast and ribbons to work with different music genres! We also had this crazy idea about wanting to share our instruments with the participants and so, we decided to do a drum circle with about 80 participants!! It was so rewarding seeing how everybody had such a great time with us and we were so amazed at how they could follow attentively as we led them into the various activities.

The ECDA Conference is also a platform to allow us to connect and reconnect with people from the early childhood scene. Getting to meet some of our current and ex students was a bonus as well! In addition, we had such a great time sharing with the visitors of our booth about what we do and even gave them some hands-on experience.

We are so grateful for all the opportunities and love showered by the people around us. Our hearts are so full. It was indeed a wonderful and meaningful event for us.