PCF Taman Jurong Family Festival Day

Date: October 12, 2018
Venue: PCF Taman Jurong

Children’s most important early relationships are with parents. A positive relationship with their parents help them learn about the world and make them feel safe and secure.

Wigglepods was invited to conduct a creative music and movement session at PCF Taman Jurong at their Family Festival Day. We had several activities that involve both parents and children, getting them actively engaged in meaningful play. We worked with a variety of props and instruments and sang to different genres of songs. The children particularly enjoyed playing peek-a-boo using the parachute and exploring the scarves as they better understand their body. As children enjoy being spontaneous when it comes to imaginative play, they took the lead and got their parents to follow when it comes to creating movements in the different songs. Seeing the smiles on their faces, we’re sure that the children and their parents have fostered a stronger bond as they learnt more about each other.