Sing And Play With Soili Perkiö

Date: January 02 – 04, 2018
Venue: Wheelock College – Singapore

It was such a fun-filled experience learning from Soili Perkiö (Finland) as we sing and play throughout the days of the workshop. We had so much to take away from this humble and lovely lady – singing, playing, and learning about the different ways to incorporate music in the early childhood and Primary classrooms respectively. Some of us even got a chance to play on the Kantale – a traditional Finnish and Karelian plucked string instrument!



I have gained the ability to learn and think of various ways to adapt it to my work. Soili was amazing to experience and embodies the passion she has for her work with music and the people in various communities especially children.

Really appreciate the positive vibe and energy exhibited by the instructor and the organisers and participants. The instructor was also encouraging, patient and very smiley – makes the whole process enjoyable.

Soili was interactive and captivated her audience through simple movements! She’s amazing!