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Wigglepods offers Wiggletunes – a premier creative music and movement programme for preschools. Developed by early childhood specialists and music educators, Wiggletunes is a holistic programme that aims to provide positive and creative music and movement experiences to stimulate and support children’s development. Through kinaesthetic activities involving singing, playing, moving and creating, the programme enhances the growth of children in terms of physical, language, cognitive, social and emotional development.


Schools can take up Wiggletunes as an Enrichment and/or Adoption programme. Based on music and movement approaches and pedagogies of Carl Orff, Zoltán Kodály, Émile Jacques-Dalcroze and Rudolf von Laban, Wiggletunes is developmentally-appropriate for young children. In this thematic-based programme, we will focus on the development of both music and movement skills. Children’s musicality will be developed through singing, moving and playing (instruments and props). Elements of movement such as spatial awareness, directionality, levels, locomotor and non-locomotor movement will be embedded in our fun-filled weekly sessions; while elements of music such as rhythmic beat, pitch awareness and musical form will be infused as well.